ANDREW DOUS creative • passionate • digital geek
Hey there, My name is Andrew Dous; I am a creative, passionate, digital geek. I was born and raised in a family of doctors and engineers, yet I have decided to break my family’s norm and pursue a career in design. My Egyptian roots have influenced my design as I combine cultural heritage with modern design. In addition, the fast evolving city, Dubai, which I grew in, helped me develop a dynamic, versatile style, which is constantly evolving. I strongly believe in the importance of design, and that with design I will be able to change the world to the better. The metaphor “think outside the box” was never part of my dictionary, as I believe that the box is no more than an illusion created to limit one’s perception. I see no limits or boundaries to my work. SPECIALIZED SKILLS Video Editing, Color Grading, Motion Graphics, Title Design, Visual Effects, Digital Art, Interactive Design, Campaign Development, Poster Design, Art Direction. COMPUTER SKILLS Highly proficient on Mac and PC platforms