Concept development:
A network, as defined, is a group of interconnected people or things. Which means that me, you, and anyone else around us form a network, which is part of a larger network, which in turn is part of larger network… and so on, forming the large network of humanity. Yet, for a network to properly function, each of the elements forming that network has to be individually unique. If not, a malfunction hits the network and it stops functioning correctly.
Unfortunately, here in the region (MENA) we have a serious malfunction in our network, as our educational system teaches us to act like clones, living and dying in that loop without finding out the bigger purpose: why was I born, how do I positively contribute to my network?
Concept statment:
Individuals make their networks individual
A short journey through an individual's soul, in a mission to discover one's true mission and purpose in life.
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