Dubai Foundation for Women and Children runs an annual campaign in recognition of the importance of raising awareness about sexual assault and child abuse during the month of April. It aims to prevent the physical and emotional abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take action to protect the children before they are harmed. We would like to create a print ad in order to raise awareness about abuse toward children. This advertisement will be posted on our various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. It will likely be distributed as well in various locations in forms of a flyer during our campaigns, activities, lectures and workshops. 
The approach in this project was inspired by a designer’s perspective due to the excess propaganda photoshop has been getting online because of celebrity edited images. Most images today are edited somehow to hide part of the reality and bring out the unreal from the real. 
In my campaign I have decided to target Parents, mostly those who abuse their children, telling them to think twice before attempting acts of violence towards their children. After they attempt such actions, there is no way to edit them or get back in time and undo the action. Unfortunately parents in the region really care about their children’s physical scars, but are not educated to acknowledge the psychological scar.
My approach explains and educates parents about the effects of the psychological trauma caused by violence that could never be erased or edited even with the most sophisticated systems and programs.
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